The Keddusha Torah Crowm N.0011

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By Menachem Berman is a Jewish ceremonial art sculpture breathtaking in its contemporary magnificence. Although the vast majority of crowns have rounded shapes, Berman, the innovator, is not afraid to create this uniquely shaped angular Torah crown. From a rectangular base rise three stippled silver vertical diamond shapes each ingraved with the word kadosh ... kadosh ... kadosh-holy ... holy...holy.
Two stylized Hebrew letter yods-representing the ineffable name of God-- are cut out of polished brass diamond shapes and fit within the silver diamonds. The silver diamond shape at the bottom is ingraved with the word tzvaot-hosts. The whole phrase is from the the most sacred of the daily prayers: Golden brass extensions at the top of the upper silver diamonds create a Star of David effect. The elegant and powerful simplicity of design in this work of art mirror the power of angelic praise in the kiddusha prayer.

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