Judaica Heirlooms

Ely's gallery displays the works of some of the world's finest designers and craftsmen, such as Menachem Berman, Zelig Segal and Dan Givon. Ely Levisohn also gave many emerging Bezalel graduates a chance to reach the public. He has one condition - excellence. This is the immediate impression that strikes the visitor to Judaica Heirlooms. Dozens of items of Judaica ritual items, haggadas and illuminated megilla manucripts are on display. Each bears the unquestionable hallmark of master craftsmanship. Many artists who have acquired fame in their respective fields owe their careers to Ely Levisohn who introduced their in work to the community of collectors and aficionados in this country and abroad. In his quest, he has traveled extensively in Israel and abroad searching for fine Judaica. A significant aspect of Ely Levishon's work has been the promotion of Russian immi10-commandmentsgrant artists. One way of doing this was by creating illuminated manuscripts. Half a dozen outstanding immigrant artists were given employment creating these rare items.